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 What is FaeUnivere?
FaeUniverse is an interactive dreamwidth landcomm. A place where fans of the hit show can come and express their love for the show. Will you be Fae? Human? or Neutral like Bo? Compete to bring your side to victory!

How do I play?
The first step is to apply, which can be done here! Once you've been accepted, check your invites. From there you can start to play! Check you team pages, your team might have an introduction post set up. Don't be shy! Introduce yourself!

What are Sigtags/Team Icons?
Sigtags are signature banners that identify which team you are on. Same with icons. They must identify which team you are on and you name/username must be on it. Sigtags must be no bigger than 300x150. Team icons are 100x100. These are useful to have, they're worth an extra point or two.

Where do I submit my entry to the challenges?
Depending on the instructions, you would submit your entry to the challenge post. Each challenge will come with a set of directions, be sure to follow them. Some challenges might require voting, so comment screening and secrecy might be required. IF this is the case, the challenge post will state as such.

What is the Dal Riata for?
I know some journals are friends only so The Dal is a page where people can post their entries to challenges and link them back in the challenge post, where they will be submitting their entries. Posting entries here will be allowed unless otherwise stated, like for challenges that might require voting.

What if the challenge is not my type?
Try it anyways, you might surprise yourself! No... I f a challenge is one you can't do or don't like or your not good at it, then don't do it. As long as you participate at least once every two weeks then your good.

Right now the second season is still premiering on SYFY right? And season 3 comes back in Winter 2013. All I ask is that there is no spoiling the episode until a week after it airs. That means no using pictures, quotes, ect when it comes to challenges until that week after airing.

Can I use something I've created before?
Sadly no. Everything must be created specifically for the challenge. 

If there's a problem? Or I have a concern? I need to go on hiatus...
On the side bar there is a link: Contact the Ash. I have screened all the comments there for privacy reasons, so if you need anything, comment there. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. You can also pm me.


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It's a Fae Fae Land


FaeUniverse is an interactive dw landcomm for the fans of the hit show Lost Girl.



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