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A few simple rules...

 Just a few simple rules I'd like you to follow:

1. No profanity! I really don't like hearing it, so I most certainly don't want to read it.
2. Be respectful. Remember that quote: "Treat others as you would want to be treated"
3. No bashing. I know some are Team Dyson or Team Lauren, but I trust everyone can be respectful. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, respect those opinions.
4. Journals do not have to be at least a month old.... I don't mind, they could be a day old for all I care. As long as you play, I'm cool with any amount of usage. I'm guilty of not using my journal a lot. A few weeks, sometimes months would go by before I would get around to posting anything there.
5. No spamming! I think this one speaks for itself.
6. I know people have lives. So all I ask is that you play at least once every two weeks. I will cut you if there is no sign of activity. But of course, play as much as you want!
7. On the application there's an anything else category. All I ask is that for that category you state your favorite episode (how original right?). This is just so I know that you've read the rules. I'll start here. My current favorite is 2x18 Fae-nted Love. But that's bound to change once I sit down for another marathon.

I will have the FAQ's posted in a day or two.  FAQ now posted.